How to Find a High-Rise Condo with Investment Potential

Sean Mamola  |  January 18, 2024

How to Find a High-Rise Condo with Investment Potential
High-rise condos are a desirable commodity among experienced real estate investors. The potential to earn big on these luxury investment properties is piquing the interest of home buyers across the country.

San Francisco, in particular, sits in a hotbed for luxury high-rise condos and is home to some of the most sought-after listings in the country. Because of the high demand for condos in the area, securing one for yourself can be a challenge in today’s real estate market. However, with the price of these luxury homes decreasing, the condo investment potential is expected to skyrocket.

If you are ready to secure a high-rise condo in San Francisco, learn more about what it takes to find the right one from San Francisco’s top high-rise condo real estate professional.

What gives a condo investment potential?

Before buying a high-rise condo, you need to know what to look for to reap the best return on investment from the property. Luxury high-rise condos in San Francisco are highly desirable pieces of real estate that often come with substantial returns for smart buyers. However, just because you find a suitable high-rise in the area does not mean it will have the investment potential you are looking for, so vetting properties first is a good place to start when looking to buy.

Local real estate market

The real estate market in the local area will be a big factor in the ultimate return buyers can reap from their purchase. Luckily, San Francisco sits at the center of a hot real estate market, with many buyers looking to move to the area and pay top-dollar for San Francisco real estate. Since 2020, home prices in the city have been on the rise, with an astounding 16% growth expected in the next five years, making a luxury condo a sound investment for the future.

Location is everything

San Francisco is full of unique luxury communities. However, that does not mean each one is as desirable as the next or that every condo will have the same investment potential. When starting the high-rise condo search, vet each area carefully and with the help of a local realtor. The neighborhoods of Mission Bay, Yerba Buena, Pacific Heights, and South Beach are among the most desirable in the city. Boasting unparalleled access to both the ocean and proximity to downtown San Francisco, the condos in these communities are among the most sought-after in the area, making them a sound purchase for real estate investors.

Available amenities

Not every high-rise in San Francisco offers the same amenities, which makes finding a place with unique luxuries a great way to increase the investment potential of your buy. Today, condos can come with state-of-the-art amenities like private pools, spas, rooftop decks, and entertainment centers. However, buying based solely on the number of amenities offered is a good way to spend more than you need to. Look for a property that has high-quality amenities that you will use. In general, ample parking, a swimming pool, and a private place to get outside are the most desirable features in a condo and will help ensure a sound return on investment.

Finding a high-rise condo

The San Francisco area teems with luxury high-rises and has many condos and penthouses on the market at any given time. However, securing one of these properties is easier said than done in today’s highly competitive real estate market. Buyers often have to compete against multiple candidates trying to buy the home. Oftentimes, the more investment potential a property has, the more buyers will fight to get it. Savvy investors can get ahead of the competition by looking for these highly sought-after properties in non-traditional places.

Foreclosure auctions

When a home is foreclosed, it typically has to go to a public auction to get sold. Sometimes, homebuyers can find great off-market listings, and occasionally, they can even be snagged at a fraction of the price. While there is generally less competition for condos at auction, the purchase comes with a lot more risk.

A foreclosed property may not have been taken care of or prepared for sale, nor is the home sold by the owner. Additionally, you may not be able to get a home inspection on a condo at auction, so costly repairs could go unnoticed until after buying the property. While it is possible to secure good properties at a foreclosure auction, this may not be the best route for those looking for high investment potential.

Hire a real estate agent

When buying a luxury high-rise condo, the best way to ensure you secure a property with investment potential is to hire a local real estate agent. Real estate agents are masters at buying and selling properties and can help get you ahead even in competitive real estate markets. Their expert guidance can help you vet properties, analyze investment potential, and get an offer in on time to beat out the competition. Plus, with access to the
MLS and a large network of professionals, a realtor can connect you with homes not listed anywhere else.

Some of the best luxury condos in San Francisco never hit the market. That’s because many big-ticket homes in the area are bought and sold by individuals who need privacy throughout the process. An experienced local agent will have connections in the area that keep them in the loop on the best off-market homes currently for sale, so you can get a chance to purchase one of these exclusive listings.

Talk to the best to get your high-rise condo-buying journey started

If you want to secure a high-rise condo in the San Francisco area, be sure to hire a real estate agent who knows where to look to find the best properties. Sean Mamola and the team has served San Francisco for many years and specializes in luxury high-rises and penthouses. With his unparalleled knowledge and experience, he can help pair you with a high-rise condo in no time. Give Sean a call today to get started looking at exclusive homes for sale in San Francisco.

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