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High-Rise Condo FAQs: How to Make the Right Offer

Sean Mamola  |  October 3, 2023

High-Rise Condo FAQs: How to Make the Right Offer

San Francisco, with its iconic landmarks, picturesque surroundings, and incredible cultural scene, has long been a magnet for individuals and families seeking an exceptional place to call home. The allure of this vibrant city by the bay is irresistible and continues to attract a range of people from around the world. Whether you’re relocating from afar or just down the street, this guide will walk you through one of the most common high-rise condo FAQs: How to make the right offer. So before you start browsing properties in your price range, keep these tips in mind.

Factors to consider when making offers

When it comes to making offers on a high-rise condo, it’s essential to gather as much information as possible about the property, including its history, maintenance records, and any recent inspection reports. The property’s location is another important factor, as it can greatly impact its value and resale potential, as can proximity to nearby restaurants, entertainment venues, and shopping centers. Keep all of these factors in mind as you prepare your offers so you don’t overbid on a home you could get for less. Further, you’ll want to think through your financing options and obtain pre-approval from a reputable lender before making offers. By gathering the right information, taking stock of the property’s value, and readying yourself financially, you’ll be better equipped to make the right offer on your dream property.

Understanding the offer process

Understanding how the offer process works can help you secure the right deal as well. First, you’ll want to know what steps are involved, and you can expect to begin with determining what price you’re willing to pay. Consult with your real estate agent to determine the home’s fair market value, and take into account competition in the area as well. Then, you’ll need to prepare all your necessary documents, like the purchase agreement. Again, the right real estate agent will be invaluable during these steps.

Other important considerations include contingencies, earnest money deposits, and offer expiration timelines. Contingencies allow you to back out of the deal under specific circumstances and ensure that your needs are met during closing, while earnest money deposits demonstrate your commitment to the purchase. A timeline keeps the closing process moving forward so that you’re not left waiting weeks for the seller to meet their end of the deal.

Evaluating the seller's perspective

Sellers may choose to list their high-rise condos because they want to downsize, they’re relocating, or for financial reasons. Sometimes, understanding the seller's situation can help you tailor your offer to meet their needs and increase the chances of a successful negotiation. If the seller needs to sell quickly because they’re relocating or need the money, they may be more amenable to a faster closing timeline. If they’re not dealing with multiple offers, they may also be more lenient toward contingencies. Ultimately, a skilled real estate agent will be able to find out the reason for the sale and provide you with valuable guidance on pricing strategies that align with the seller's circumstances.

Assessing the fair market value

One of the most important steps in making the right offer is determining the property’s fair market value. Fair market value refers to the price at which a property would sell in an open market, and it takes into account the home’s location, size, and features. Understanding the fair market value helps you determine an appropriate offer price and avoid overpaying or underbidding.

A comparative market analysis is the usual method for determining fair market value. Typically done by your real estate agent, a comparative market analysis involves researching recent sales of similar condos in the area to gauge current trends in pricing. By analyzing these comparable sales, you’ll get a better idea of what a reasonable offer price would be.

Making competitive offers

To make a competitive offer, you’ll want to strategize with your agent about how to make your offer stand out. Providing more flexible terms and closing timelines is usually a go-to strategy. Sellers appreciate offers that accommodate their needs and schedules, so consider waiving a few of your contingencies or being more open with your closing date.

Within the San Francisco real estate market, swift responses and a readiness to negotiate are crucial. Responding promptly to counteroffers or inquiries will further demonstrate your seriousness and commitment to the sale, so be open to negotiating terms that benefit both you and the seller.

Finalizing the offer and closing the deal

Once you submit your offer, the seller has the option to accept, reject, or come up with a counteroffer. If your offer is accepted or countered, negotiations will then take place until both parties reach a mutually beneficial agreement. You’ll want to be prepared for potential counteroffers and remain open to compromise as much as possible during this stage.

Thorough inspections and due diligence are key parts of this step, too. You don’t want to forego having the property inspected, as any issues that arise could impact your offer. You’ll want to think about whether you’d like the seller to cover the repairs prior to closing the sale or if you’d like to lower your offer price on the condition that you’ll make the repairs yourself.

Mastering the art of the offer

As you endeavor to make a strong real estate investment in San Francisco, remember that working with a knowledgeable real estate professional can significantly enhance your chances of a successful purchase. A reputable agent like Sean Mamola has the expertise and market knowledge necessary to guide you through your home hunt, negotiate on your behalf, and answer all your high-rise condo FAQs. So as you prepare to step into the San Francisco market, partner with Sean Mamola with Rises.co to ensure a smooth and seamless investment.

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